Ph.D., Dr.Habil. in Physics and Mathematics
Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia


12.04.2022. Award in Optics by Russian Academy of Sciences
26.07.2018. Article in Izvestianewspaper
28.05.2018. Award by SPb Government and SPb Academy
23.02.2018. Publication in Trafika Europe
03.11.2014. Street photo exhibition Innervisions in Moscow (Zelenograd).
19.08.2014. My comment in Rossiyskaya gazeta.
22.05.2014. Exhibition in Saint Petersburg (Manege).
25.10.2013. Personal exhibition in Saint Petersburg.
12.07.2013. Lecture in SPb
22.06.2013. Exhibition in Holland
14.04.2013. Lecture in Moscow
02.04.2013. Exhibition in ryazan
17.10.2012. Book by Cambridge University Press
25.04.2012. Exhibition in Holland
15.04.2012. Street-Photo Festival
05.04.2012. The exposition in Internet gallery Perspectiva Art (Holland) was opened.
01.03.2012. My book Street Photography: Revealing of Flatness was published in Mooscow (10,000 copies).
19.11.2011. My page on the Union of Photo Artists of Russia site was opened.
26.06.2009. An article All That Street got 1st prize in the competition organized by Photo-Element.Ru virtual journal.
19.06.2009. The Sculptures of the Summer Garden series are published.
08.05.2009. The book version of the notes On Denmark And Danes is exposed here + fb2 + pdf.
17.10.2007. The site moved to
03.08.2007. Two issues of St.-Petersburg Guidebook issued with my photos on cover pages.
07.12.2006. A new CD Photo-Collection "Saint-Petersburg", containing our photos, is published.
22.05.2006. My Notes On Denmark And Danes were issued as a hard-cover book in Moscow.
03.08.2001. The site moved to
12.11.1998. This site was opened at, then moved to